Veronica Gunnarsson’s artwork employs a free-flow approach which then, builds on unconscious gestures with the dramatization of pointillism and crushed eggshells. She transforms a raw canvas into a living energy with the use of her mixed media and textures.

Influenced from objects as diverse as Baccarat crystal, traditional embroidery, jewelry and pop culture, her contemporary canvases explodes with color and textured layers of paint, causing the surface to dance around. Executed with bold intensity, the spirit suggested through her paintings consistently question the reliability of both sensory impressions and the intimacy of the moment.

Capturing the transparencies and illuminations of crystal with the embellishments of stitch-like techniques, Veronica’s style is from a tranced and senseless process. Internal layers are formed by elements, which are repeatedly poured, dripped, erased, and then reformed creating patterns over patterns. Forms are constructed with dots of pure color paint and complimented with glitter and phosphorescent paint. She builds up each canvas in a series of internally consistent characteristics, engaging her emotion on one visual motif at a time.

Representing each layer as an individual entity, the paintings lure the viewer into an atmosphere when one can unleash oneself into a world where one can interpret the details. Each artwork is a memoir of recollections overlapped to create an objective progression.

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